Day after

I didn’t think I’d drunk that much last night, but my body was rebellious this morning. I walked La Serpiente to school, trying not to be sick, while she told me how much she likes the logo on my bike’s saddle.

It’s a gimp mask.

After I dropped her off, I rode to work, getting overtaken by everyone (booze power only goes so far) and then dragged myself through the day, wondering if I could die instead (just for a while) to dodge this hangover.

And then, eventually, I rode home again, and then had to put the kids to bed. They’re oscillating between demanding their mother puts them to bed instead, and being insanely jealous of getting hugs from me. La Serpiente counted out loud to 60 because she felt that was as long as Destroyer should get with me, and there were similar shenanigans in the other direction.

When I’d got Destroyer down, I descended from the bunk bed and couldn’t see La Serpiente in her bed or on the floor. She was out on the landing, curled up asleep in the fetal position, and I couldn’t move my right arm because I’d slept on it, so I went downstairs and hid for a bit, then returned and spent another hour getting her to sleep in her bed. So that was Friday night.

I did make my wife watch The Lair Of The White Worm though. So not all bad.

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  1. Oh what did Jen think about LOTWW?
    “Getting overtaken by everyone” = my default setting. Sometimes I overtake another person and think “crap, their bike must be in terrible condition”

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