Days and nights of regret

Today I told the girls that they can’t play Animal Jam until they’re dressed. This eliminates the problem of arguing with the girls that they have to stop playing Animal Jam and get dressed, but obviously doesn’t solve for the two of them getting up early in the morning to play Animal Jam. One battle at a time …
I had very sore legs today after my 45 minute session of VR boxing yesterday. I guess it’s important to build up to these things. I did just a ten minute session this evening, then struggled to put the kids to bed, then went out of the house to get a friend to authenticate my employment documents and prove I’m still allowed to work in the US. (Possibly as a function of how complicated US laws are, even after you’ve got a work visa, there’s a totally different set of forms you have to fill in to validate that you have a work visa. It’s all a bit confusing.)

That done, I came home, and my wife and I festered on the sofa for an hour when I guess we should have been reading or sleeping. At least we didn’t scoff any Halloween candy today…

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