Daze without coffee – one

I have resolutely failed at my resolution to read my running book every day this month and write about it, but I did manage to not drink any coffee today. I don’t think I had any coffee yesterday either, because I was feeling as sick as a dog. Hangovers can be good for you after all, it seems.

I also didn’t have any booze today, and I didn’t yesterday (well, it depends on whether you count drinking after midnight or not) and, speaking as a statistician, clearly that must be because not drinking coffee and not drinking booze are the Same Thing. Or I’m secretly addicted to Irish coffee.

I had lots of meetings today. I had two interviews as well. We take candidates through a series of different case studies, and sometimes I worry that the case studies are much too easy, and at other times I question why we’re asking people things that are so damn hard that nobody gives us the right answer. Confusingly, this is all usually using the same case studies. Perhaps case studies aren’t the right thing to use to assess people’s suitability for a role.

I got home very late (the last interview didn’t start until 6pm, which was strange, because a lot of the time we seem to schedule interviews at arbitrary times in the afternoon to get people in trouble with their bosses at their current jobs) and the kids had already been bathed. I read La Serpiente Snappsy The Crocodile, a children’s book that breaks the fourth wall. I don’t like that. Elephant and Piggie do it well, but this was just a bit too meta for me and I don’t want my children to have irony float over their heads. That’s just a little bit rude. I was also envious that my wife got to read Little Red And The Big Hungry Lion, an African reframing of Little Red Riding Hood, but then you can’t have everything.

Tomorrow, perhaps I will have no coffee again. Or I will realise what a damn fool idea that is and drink eight espressos in the morning. Let’s find out which…

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