Today, having got 16 coaches for my tournament and figuring that was probably quite enough, I updated the website to say that entry was closed. Just as four more people sent me entry fees, or asked nicely if they could come, or sent me rosters that didn’t match with the tournament rules, or thought of something else to do to make my eyes spin in confusion.
We’re now up to 20 coaches, and looking back at past activity at the venue, we’ve managed 30 people in there before, so this isn’t as packed as I thought it would be.

I also, as I do every time I organise a tournament, have this nagging fear that I’ve forgotten to book the room at the bowling alley and everyone is going to be mad at me. So again, as is tradition by now, I call up to check that I have the room booked, and they tell me I can’t have it, and for a heartstopping moment the earth gets ready to swallow me, until they tell me it’s already booked by somebody called James for some Blood Bowl thing. So, I can relax.

The trophies are made. The scoring system is set up (but needs testing). I still need to design the score sheets for Saturday, print out everyone’s rosters, and spend a bit of time staring at a concrete wall to calm myself down, but it’s in a good place. Two of the three tournaments I’m running this year, sorted.

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