Delayed improvement

The girls made me play "Mouse in the house" today which involves me chasing them round the climbing frame in the park. This is preferable to "Mouse on the ground" which is the same, but I’m meant to keep my eyes shut (and then bust myself running into a metal pole or some such).
It was a balmy spring day, blue skies and all that, so the girls insisted on staying in the park as late as they possibly could. I’d spent most of the day at my desk so couldn’t complain: my legs are sore from sitting down too much, which suggests I need to get more exercise, and sharpish.

Tomorrow, though, I have six hours of Blood Bowl at a tournament. So, I guess, exercise on Sunday. For now, sleep!

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  1. A wonderful time of year. “The spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdie is ? The bird is on the wing, no the wing is on the bird etc, etc.

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