Delayed in transit

We moved house again today, to a three bedroom mother in law unit in the basement of a house, about 12 streets north and three over from our house. The snow stopped today but was replaced by incessant rain, and the slushy, icy roads were another challenge to moving (along with me sticking my foot in a mound of wet snow at every possible opportunity).
So, distracted by this, no thought on new year’s resolutions (either this year or the year just gone) which is a bit of a miss, given I’ve previously been consistent (at least at setting and reviewing resolutions, if not actually following them). Something to do tomorrow.

Other than the rain, I don’t remember much of the day. I chased up an electrician who seems to have turned into a ghost rather than help wire my house, I put things in boxes, I took things out of boxes. Onwards and ever upwards….

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