The flight from Seattle was delayedby an hour because the front wheel on the undercarriage was stuck. So we landed in Salt Lake City an hour late. That was 15 minutes after my flight to Toronto was scheduled to leave. I found a person at the help desk and they told me to run to gate C10 at the other end of the terminal.
So I sprinted to C10 through crowds of slow moving travellers, and made it just in time.

Except the signage is so ambiguous that I went to C14, and thus I arrived at C10 just to watch them shut the door and deny my boarding. Thanks a bunch, Delta.

The flight I’ve been rescheduled on arrives 24 hours later. There’s a 33 minute connection in Detroit that I will quite possibly miss tomorrow, but hopefully this time I’ll get into Canada and be closer to my children.

One good thing was that I asked, and so they gave me a hotel room in Salt Lake City and a meal voucher. If I hadn’t asked, I think they would have expected me to just sit around the terminal until tomorrow.

So, on we go. Hopefully I make it somewhere by tomorrow.

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