Dentist yet again

I went to the dentist for a consultation today, which I assumed would be us talking about things, and which turned out to be ten uncomfortable minutes of having to hold bits of plastic to stretch my mouth open while somebody photographed my teeth, an x-ray, and then a scan of my teeth, and then we talked about things.
Two things today: removing my wisdom teeth, which will require an IV sedation, which sounds sort of fun but also wiping a day off the calendar, and also aligning my teeth, which will cost $5,000 and take a year and a half. Both of which I’m not sure about. Yes, I probably need my wisdom teeth out so they don’t rot in my mouth, and maybe aligned teeth work better than misaligned ones, but eh, what a journey to get there.

I went home, drank coffee, ate a biscuit, and sort of worked all day, in that I tried to think and solve big problems, and minor problems kept occurring, gradually reducing my will and brain power, until I couldn’t face my tax return this evening, choosing instead to play the climbing game on my Oculus and have a beer with our neighbour. And then a couple of hours of Cyberpunk and off to bed. So much for my week’s break from the game. I’ll have to get my wife to hide the discs somewhere to break this addiction.

Swimming and climbing again soon. Now my neck is recovering and the swimming pool is open again, excuses evaporate….

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