Desks and headaches

There was a big rainstorm today, and just before it I got a bad headache. Maybe this was accumulated fatigue from all the swimming and climbing this week, or maybe it was a shift in atmospheric pressure, or maybe it was just a headache. I ended up having to take a few hours off until my head was right again.
Later, I investigated getting a proper desk for my home office, rather than a folding IKEA kitchen table. The difficulty is I have a space that’s only 42" wide, and I need a table that’s at least 30" deep so the screen is far enough away from me. Very few desks have this ratio of depth to width: if they’re deep enough they’re too wide, and if they’re narrow enough they’re too shallow. I did find one desk, complete with electric motor to change its height (which is irrelevant here, as there isn’t space under the eaves to have a standing desk) so I may be assembling that next week. This also provided impetus to properly tidy up the top of my desk, so I now have it clear, rather than a mess of books, spectacles, tax forms and old candles. Onwards, ever onwards.

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