I shaved off my beard today, leaving only a goatee, and now I don’t recognise myself, and the children are disappointed because they want me to have a big bushy beard because that’s funny.

I applied for a credit card at the weekend, assuming I’d get a low limit on this, but it would help with my future credit score. Today, I went in my account and noticed an extra $11,300 line of credit. So, I guess they approved me, and then some.

Then a mortgage salesman rang me up, with an offer that would save me almost $100 per month on my mortgage payment. I thanked him, and asked how much the refinancing costs would be. That would be $8,000. So I declined to follow up with that.

Finally, I went to buy a new pannier for my bike (I only have one, and want more space for groceries). There were some nice Ortliebs on sale. Unfortunately, my bike has a custom rack where the tubing is an inch in diameter, which is 50% bigger than any mounting clip on any rack apart from the (expensive), custom ones that the manufacturer, Radbike, sells.


New face.
New credit.
Same old mortgage.
No new bags

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