Dirtying things

For some reason, we’ve filled the top of the dishwasher with bowls, but we haven’t made any plates dirty today, so it’s only half full and I’m loath to run it, and yet we have no clean bowls right now. What a quandary.
I took the girls to their swimming class today: both continue to impress, with La Serpiente showing no fear and Destroyer happily swimming underwater with her front crawl. Afterwards, we went up to the library and I fed them lunch at Taco Del Mar, which probably contributes to our lack of dirty plates, before going on a wander around Greenwood and some time playing on the swings at one of the playgrounds. It’s fiendishly cold right now (although snow is unlikely) so we didn’t stay out too long before going home.

At home, I strapped on my breathing mask and went into the porch, to tidy up my 3d printing station and deal with all the mess I’ve accumulated since I started it. It’s now tidied, the contaminated stuff is cured and ready to dispose of, and hopefully I’ve rearranged everything to a more efficient layout. The big test is tomorrow, when I attempt my next print.

This evening, we ended up eating out again (well, the girls did, I had a sad salad at home when I couldn’t get the sun dried tomatoes out of their jar). The girls got pizza at Mod, then after getting La Serpiente’s vision therapy exercises done I had a quick workout in VR, then put them both to bed, and then tootled downstairs. I resisted the urge to waste my life on computer games and instead superglued my new Blood Bowl team together, in preparation for painting it (which I need to get on with as I have a tournament in 2 weeks and want to take the team to it – I guess that’s a good motivator).

Then an attempt to dent the washing up that can’t go in the dishwasher, and then to bed, with Froggy howling at me for entertainment, and a book about a violent monk (wonderfully titled Felonious Monk) before sleep…

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