Disappointing hike

We all got up very early this morning and drove down to Tipsoo Lake, to redo our summer hike, but this time in the snow. The girls held up pretty well, all the way to Crystal Mountain, where we found the road to Tipsoo was shut, and so we decided to detour and drive the 6 miles to the Crystal Mountain resort.

After forty minutes in which we made a mile’s progress in a very long queue of traffic, we decided to cut our losses and drive back, stopping off at a river on the way out so the children at least walked around a bit.

We also stopped for coffee on the way back, at a cafe which had a prominent sign saying you shouldn’t chastise people who don’t wear masks. The coffee was dreadful, which I think justifies not going back to a cafe that tells you masks aren’t something that people should all wear.

At least the river was picturesque; we stopped long enough for the girls to demand they bring every rock by the river home, and then pressed on to Enumclaw, a town on the way to the mountains, where again, there were lots of people not wearing masks, and better yet, some businesses had realised a new wheeze – while most gatherings are banned at the moment, religious ones are ok. So if you stick a bible on every table in your cafe and call it a prayer meeting, problem solved! That’ll show those stupid scientists when everyone … gets covid? Irony of ironies will be when we all get sick, despite trying to mask up all the time. Everyone believes they’re invulnerable until something bad happens…

Somewhat annoyed, we pressed on, stopping at REI on the way home to return $119 worth of shoes that didn’t fit. REI have an enlightened return policy where we could do this, no questions asked. And then we hung around in the store and bought another $300 of stuff, which proves the policy works pretty well for them.

We got home, I had a beer, put the kids to bed. Tomorrow, our first Thanksgiving in America since we moved here. I wonder what turkey tastes like.

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