Disneyland Hong Kong

This morning I got up early. Well, La Serpiente woe at 6 and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Eventually I got up and took an Uber from the hotel over to the HSBC branch in Central. This was so I could deliver some documents. What I hadn’t realised was that, because Friday was a Bank Holiday, so was Saturday so every single HSBC in Hong Kong was shut, when the whole reason I was visiting Hong Kong was to deliver those papers to the bank. So that was nice.

I headed over to the Disneyland park to meet my wife and daughters, who were all very pleased to see me. The day was overcast in that painfully bright way that Hong Kong often delivers, but there was a bank of dark cloud coming down from the mountains. We made it though It’s A Small World After All and to a show without incident, but shortly after that the sky fell in, while we were trying to persuade the girls to eat lunch.

I went off in search of something I could eat (precious little for vegetarians in Disneyland, apart from ice cream) and the rain intensified. We saw another show (this one a 3d film which was less charming than the song and dance number we saw first) and rode on the teacup ride (where I thought the incessant spinning would make me vomit) and on a carousel, and the girls were wide-eyed with happiness throughout. Apart from being soaked by the cold rain, of course.

Eventually we left. Disneyland is a pretty small park and there’s not really that much we didn’t do. Back at the Disneyland hotel, I gave both girls their Easter eggs (PJ Masks themed ones, as they have no loyalty to any one particular cartoon) and the girls were mostly good until 6ish, when Destroyer had a major tantrum because we wouldn’t buy her an enormous princess costume. Still, they calmed down later and played with all the other children running around the hotel atrium, so I think it turned out well.

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