Distractions at Chinese New Year

Distractions at Chinese New Year

Today was the first day of the Year Of The Dog, so we got the day off. But most of everything was shut, so there wasn’t so much to do. At least Starbucks, having no sensitivity to any culture, ignores all public holidays and remains open to serve coffee.

As we left Starbucks, intent on heading to the river to visit the Asian Civilisations Museum, we saw a lion dance troupe preparing to perform at a hotel, so we stopped to watch. And then waited about an hour for them to start. The kids were initially well behaved, then antsy, then pulverised by the incredible loud drumming of the performance. As well as two lions, there was a dragon dance, which was really rather impressive.

After that, we headed to the National Gallery, and as we left the MRT station, we saw a huge bouncy castle had been erected. You could climb on for free, if you’d spent at least $30 in the adjacent mall, where all the shops seemed to be shut. So we went to the gallery, then realised we were starving hungry and the overpriced cafe at the gallery had an hour long wait for food, so we went back to the mall, found a place to pay $60 for lunch, and then armed with the receipt, went outside and put the kids on the bouncy castle.

It seems all we did all day was find distractions for the things we were intending to do.

The bouncy castle had a marine theme: around the edge were anenome-like fronds, and in the middle a huge whale and various fish and such. The kids ran and bounced on it for almost an hour, and then we marched them over to another mall, a mile away, with another bouncy castle.

The second bouncy castle’s theme was crocodiles. Some were small, but one was a two storey high green slope with teeth underneath, that kids were delighting in climbing up and sliding down, until told not to by the attendant. I could only see bad things happening, so I tried to discourage the girls from going on it by keeping them indoors. I played on an augmented reality climbing wall, grazed my elbow, relented and let the kids run amok on the bouncy castle, and then we went home.

The girls had had no nap at all, which meant La Serpiente was weepy all the way back, but that also meant they were both highly quiescent, and instead of the usual b.s. at bedtime, they were both asleep within 15 minutes, leaving me with copious time to watch TV and play on my brand new Xbox. When I should have been packing for Bangkok or writing this blog, I suppose. Damn you, distractions.

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