Doesn’t get out much

Today I failed to leave the office between when I arrived at work and when I finished this evening, and that was bad, because it meant I got hardly any exercise all day, my Fitbit displaying a paltry single blob of light at 6pm, signifying that I’d done less than 2,400 steps today, and that my body was turning into brie. I’d also forgotten to drink any water all afternoon, and the combination of dehydration and being sedentary made me feel quite, quite awful. This is quite disheartening, as I know what I need to do to keep in a good mood, and I’d failed to do it.

Still, once I was home I was home. Except I had to go out again to get something to eat (lest I break my streak of eating in a different place every day) and I had a work phone call at 9p.m., just when my mind had completely shut down and I was ready for bed. I must try to work my schedule so I don’t conclude a long day with sitting on the sofa with a redhot laptop on my knees, trying not to blackout.

Today I did learn a few new things. I learned that I really should have got my wife to share her Google calendar with me a couple of years ago, and then we’d never have doublebooked ourselves. Although at that point it would have been no use, as I couldn’t share my (non-Googly) work calendar back with her, so she still wouldn’t have seen when and where I was busy. So that was handy.

I also learned about how to make box-and-whisker plots in Excel (and therefore also the QUARTILE.INC function in Excel) which would give me a lovely chart to show you how my running has/has not grown more consistent over time, except that my carefully crafted box-and-whisker plot self-destructed on me, leaving me with the tattered remains of what I’d hoped was a better way of looking at data. But at least I have my quartile functions to play with now.

And that was about it today. Not getting up from my desk has a certain cost, in that I have little of any interest to write about. Must work on fixing that.

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