Doughnuts and early starts

This morning I got up at 7:45, drove down to Flour Box and then waited in line for 90 minutes, hands and feet getting colder and colder, before finally getting four doughnuts, a coffee and a cup of strawberry milk, and then driving back home.

This time, I didn’t repeat the mistake of letting the girls eat expensive doughnuts and then not appreciate them; these were just for wife and I. We did, however, take the girls out to the library, where everyone read books for an hour, before we came home and I had to nap to recover from my early start. It’s cold and wet, like it has been throughout February, and I napped longer in bed than I should have, before going downstairs and scaring myself with a bit of climbing in VR.

With the kids asleep, I ran through some prep work for my next Blood Bowl tournament, before watching The Last Of Us and then getting ready to sleep. Tomorrow we are visiting the reptiles in Munroe, so I need all my energy for that…

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  1. I looked up Munroe’s website. It’s amazing what the owner / founder has achieved. You should be in for an interesting experience. BTW – enjoy your luxury doughnuts

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