Doughnuts and other celebrations

This morning we went to the Seattle Donutfest, a celebration, however poorly spelled, of doughnuts.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be an old military hangar, with a series of stalls set out inside, each giving away free doughnuts.

Feeding the girls lots of different maple syrup frosted doughnuts had predictable results, with our two going loopy from all the sugar, and only being mollified when they were bought an ice cream each.

No, that wasn’t such a bright idea. After that, we drove up to Lynnwood to recce the park that we’re holding the girls’ birthday party at in a couple of weeks. The girls scampered around on a climbing frame and in a water fountain until thoroughly soaked, and then we went home to rest.

I had a game of Warhammer 40,000 with one of my friends this evening: tiny giant robots vs angry dwarves from space and then went home to watch a dreadful movie or two and eat Tofurkey. Could any weekend be better?

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  1. Not so sure about the doughnuts or doff nuts as I used to call them !
    However the ice cream sounded an excellent idea !

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