Doughnuts and other distraction

I bundled the kids into the car with the promise of doughnuts from Half & Half, but due to a combination of daughterly lassitude, and a lack of time to drive for an hour there and back, we ended up going to Top Pot instead. I was suffering from a lack of coffee and hunger, and the girls chirruping and larking about, and I was not alone. There was at least one other harried father admonishing his child in the doughnut shop today. Although I suppose if you want angelic, well behaved children then a visit to the doughnut shop may be a suboptimal choice.
It rained or was gloomy all day. I went to help out with the homeless down south, and on the way back listened as the Seahawks finally won another game after two failures, and then entertained the children by playing Blood Bowl on the TV. An obsession with slugs helps here.

Then twenty pages of their new book, a young adult fantasy set in Portland, Oregon, of all places, and off to bed. Onwards to the next great adventure!

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