Down a bit…

We packed up quickly today (practice makes perfect, and having less stuff to pack into the car because we’d spent three days eating the stuff we brought into the Hoh Rainforest helped) and drove out, stopping to get our first hot food at the café on the exit road. Then it was a thirty mile drive to Kalaloch, where there’s the Tree of Life. This is a big tree that’s growing across both sides of a gorge, which is really rather impressive.
The girls and my wife hared off across the beach, which is a huge, flat expanse of brown sand, covered in mist floating off the Pacific. I despise sand, as is well documented, and hung back, and eventually everyone saw sense and went to eat lunch.

Lunch was burgers (again!) and then we drove to our next campsite, at Twin Harbors down on the Washington coast, near Westport. Unlike Hoh, where it’s quiet and it feels like you’re in a tent in the woods, the huge numbers of RVs parked up make it feel more like you’re in a car park here. Less communing with nature and more bringing all your stuff from home to somewhere slightly different.

Still, we reassembled the tent (Destroyer helped) and fed the kids. We had a frustrating trip to buy ice, stopping first at the Local Store, which, just like the local shop for local people in The League Of Gentlemen, was full of slightly odd, grumpy people. Or they looked at us suspiciously because we were wearing masks. I don’t know. We got ice at the third place we tried, so the kids get cold, uncurdled milk on their cereal tomorrow. But staying in huge campgrounds doesn’t feel like sooo much fun, and we’ve booked a more snobbish stay at a few Hipcamp sites as we head south. Now I just need to figure out the whole charging situation…

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