Down to Puyallup

After work today, I took a Lyft down to Puyallup. This is a long way south of Seattle, past the airport, past Tacoma, through countryside and eventually to a small house near the freeway. There Nic, my opponent for my next game of Blood Bowl, was waiting.
He didn’t recognise me, because the last time we met (at the Golden Tentacle in Everett) I had a beard, whereas now I was clean-shaven and resembled the kind of suspicious character you’d slam the front door on. Still, eventually I got in, and his two dogs sniffed at me for a bit before getting bored and wandering off.

We had a long game of Blood Bowl, between his Nurgle team and my Prominent Vegans. Both teams are known more for violence than finesse, but with both teams lacking in development, we couldn’t do much to hurt each other. I managed to grind to a touchdown in the last turn of the first half, and with more luck than anything else stopped him from equalising, retrieving the ball twice from dangerously close to the end zone. I guess I’m getting a bit better, from all this online play, at pacing my game and building defensive set ups to tangle people up more.

After that 1-0 triumph (hardly an exciting match) was over, we ate pizza and watched Ozzy Man Reviews on YouTube, a channel of videos in which an Australian man gets excited and swears a lot. And then I got a car home, another almost-hour long journey.

And tomorrow, I fly back to Singapore. It’s been four weeks already? How did that happen?

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