Doze Of The Skywalker

I went swimming this afternoon at the fitness club, and managed 6 lengths. Then I went and sat in the steam room for five minutes, before going home.
This was a prelude to going out to see the final Star Wars film, but I’d forgotten that every time I go swimming, I fall asleep. So the first hour of Rise Of The Skywalker involved me having a nice nap, and occasionally people being shot with lasers.

The film itself, or what I saw of it, was OK. Lots of things get blown up, there are some light sabre fights, but in total it didn’t really affect me emotionally. Just a lot of banging and crashing.

It was a very good nap though.

We went home, to find our babysitter doing the washing up, and the kids fast asleep. Hopefully they stay that way until the morning…

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  1. That’s a good point. And yes they did a fantastic job bringing Carrie Fisher back to life technically, but it could have been more affecting.

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