Dreams within dreams

I had a dream this morning, just before I woke up, where an old friend from college was telling me how I should get some more sleep because I was tired. And then I woke up, and I was tired.[More]
I was also in a middle European bar, (in my dream) celebrating a new year party, so that part of my dream wasn’t very accurate, and there was nothing in there about my eldest coming into our bed at 1 am and refusing to return to her own bed, so it’s not like everything is accurate, but perhaps my brain knows something. Or more than it’s letting on.

So, back to real life. A suspected spam number rang my phone at 8 am, and I let it go to voice mail. Then I listened to the voice-mail, and discovered it was FedEx calling, to tell me that the Canadian passport authority had mailed the passport, but put the address as "Seattle, WA, 98117" and so they couldn’t deliver it, and either I’d have to go and collect it (literally round the corner from where I do outreach to the homeless of Seattle) or call the passport authority and get them to tell FedEx the new address. And as I felt mistrustful of authority, La Serpiente and I went down to the FedEx office, and I showed my ID, and they gave me the package.

And then I saw that they’d not even got the name right, addressing it to Jaes Foreman – to be fair, James is hardly a popular name and so is easy to misspell.

I was too scared to open it until I got home, in case they’d put the wrong passport in there or some other nonsense, but I’m happy to report that at least we have the right government ID for the family trip now. Some relief, in a world of stress. Back to my dreams now.

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