Dressing up

Today was United Nations Day, so all the children at school were meant to dress up in their national dress. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a Royal Canadian Mounted Police outfit for her to wear, and she was unhappy with her alternative, a red skirt and a Canada T-shirt. Instead, she demanded to go to school in her kimono. Which, if nothing else, signifies that the Japanese lessons are having some effect.

Still, at least I got her to school without protest. I went to work and then sneezed all day. This is atrocious: just as I recover from one illness, I fly to another country and come back allergic to the entire planet. Well, it’s that or getting four hours sleep isn’t so great for my health.

As a result, I was less than full of energy at the office. Eventually I stumbled home, still sneezing, and had to deal with the children, who had apparently been waiting for me to get home so they had somebody else to tell at. Ah, the bliss of parenthood.

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  1. Mate, if you’re like this now, what on earth will your physical condition be like when you’re retired? Your kryptonite appears to be a combination of doing things with your kids, and living abroad.

    Yep, can’t be confusing whatsoever – a British-Canadian family living in Singapore studying Japanese – trying to work out an appropriate form of national dress. Most kids over here are dressing up in Halloween costumes around now – UN day indeed. Remember wearing a scary witch mask on Halloween and walked around town in Machida, Toyko. People were crossing the street to get away, and mostly having panic attacks. Might have been more than the mask though … I was also carrying a plastic knife, and was on magic mushrooms 🙂

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