Driven to distraction again

I was planning to drive down to see a friend in Puyallup tonight, and with the car getting low on charge, I drove down to the supermarket where there’s a charger in the basement. It was being serviced by a technician who told me to come back in a couple of hours. I couldn’t do that because I was going to be in meetings, but I found another charger, in the car park of the zoo, so I drove over there.
The zoo car park was packed, as it always is, and somebody had parked in the space for the charger, even though they had a petrol car. Well, thanks, person. I thought of writing an angry note and putting it on their windshield but life is too short; I drove home and took some more meetings.

In the evening, I didn’t go to Puyallup but I figured I’d go back to the supermarket and get the car charged, buy some jujubes, the usual sort of thing. But the charger there was totally switched off. I called customer serviceand they told me about another charger, six miles away in the Whole Foods near my office. I started driving over there, then realised I was close to the zoo, so I changed direction and found the charger was available, now the car park was empty.

Every charger seems to be from a different company with a different app (I now have at least three apps on my phone) and more or less easy to use. I put 40 minutes into the car to get it up to 70% full (around 200 miles range) and then drove home, by which point I was exhausted and couldn’t really think of anything. And so to bed…

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