Driven to distraction in the rain

We hired a car today, and the intermediate I’d requested turned out to be a Nissan Rogue, an SUV that feels enormous even if that’s normal by US standards. I picked up my eldest from the doctor (where she’d been for her flu shot) and my wife had intended to walk home by herself, but a deluge came at the same time, so we all went for a drive, searching for coffee and ending up at the Couth Buzzard, a bookshop/cafe in Greenwood.

It was a slightly decrepit place; but scruffy decor and lots of books has more character than just shiny shelves and Amazon delivery schedules. The girls saw lots of books to read, I drank a more than acceptable coffee, and eventually we went home again, and then I used the power of having a car to … drive to the pizza joint I usually walk to when I get our Friday night pizza.

Sadly, I’ve had too much of a good thing. We’ve had the same pizza for Friday night dinner for months now, and I’m bored of smoked mozzarella. What has become of me? Should I just stop eating pizza? Never!

We watched another episode of the Great British Bake Off, then lost a couple of hours to VR, and then watched a zombie comedy (Night of The Living Deb) to finish off. And tomorrow I start the day with a fasted blood test, which I’m sure will put me in a good mood…

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