Driven up the wall

I went climbing this evening, feeling rather tired and a little annoyed that I couldn’t find anywhere to park near the wall. Still, things turned out ok; there were a problem I couldn’t do two weeks ago, that I did on my first attempt today, and a few other ones that were easier than I had expected.

Climbing does seem to be an area where I suffer from imposter syndrome. If I try a harder route and can do it cleanly, I feel like it was graded harder than it really was. If I try an easier route and fail, then I assume I’m getting worse. So not sure I’ll ever be pleased totally.

One thing I’m concentrating on right now is quiet feet; when you can hear your feet banging into the wall that’s a sign you’re not being gentle and considered enough. Between that, standing on tip toe and trying to keep my arms long, there is a lot to concentrate on. I’m also missing the strength that stupid numbers of pull ups provide – something else to work on.

Finally, my cannabinoid hand balm is running out. I bought this on Independence Day 2019 so it’s lasted well, and it really does seem to help my hands recover from climbing. Lucky I just found three more tins of the stuff…

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