Dull evening

For dinner tonight we went to Chiang’s Gourmet Village, for some ok Chinese food. There wasn’t much I could eat apart from green onion pancakes and some salt and pepper tofu, but I guess that was enough for me (and we discovered that Destroyer loves salt and pepper tofu, so that’s a potential addition to family menus).
I was pretty dull this evening though; after two long work days I didn’t have much fun stuff to say to anyone, and just wanted to go home and sleep.

Or work on my tax return, which is the second most fun thing to do. At least it’s almost all done, apart from some complicated processes to get access to some of my old Hong Kong bank accounts. This is where having umpteen bank accounts in different countries starts to get old. I got rid of a few last year, and this year I should really eliminate a few more.

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