Dungeon Bowl

Instead of staying up to welcome the new year in, I went to bed and then couldn’t sleep for fear of sleeping through my alarm, so I had about two hours sleep before driving through snowy streets to Bellevue, where I got in the back of a friend’s truck and then travelled 180 miles south to Portland for four games of Dungeon Bowl.
Dungeon Bowl is like Blood Bowl, but played in a dungeon. That means cramped corridors rather than an open field, and other shenanigans like booby trapped chests and teleportation portals that may send you into the depths of time and space. Games are usually much more panicky and go faster than Blood Bowl – good for my temperament.

I played four games with my team, a strange mix of agile elves and slow moving, disease ridden monstrosities. I won the first and the third, lost the second and fourth, which put me solidly mid-table, so that was satisfactory. And then we drove back, and I slumbered in the back of the truck, before driving home, getting back sixteen hours after I’d left. One way to see in the New Year.

Dungeon Bowl is fun (because booby traps, and teleportation, and jumping over other people are all fun), and because the rules for making teams are totally different to regular Blood Bowl, there’s lots of variations to explore. I’m not sure if it’s a better game, or worse, or just different. It does need some extra work from the community to determine good ways to play it, and how to make it more suitable for tournaments. But I’m glad I got up early for it.

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