Early bedtime for the family

I returned tonight to cacophony. I was faint from missing lunch (I went climbing instead, and disappointed myself with a lethargic, frail performance) and so all I wanted to do was sit down and eat. But Destroyer was upset.
Just before I’d got home, the girls had been rough housing over a balloon, to the point that La Serpiente bruised Destroyer’s leg, on some cockamamie pretext that she wanted to pick up some paper with the balloon. So my wife had done the reasonable thing and burst the balloons, and after Destroyer had taken the time to compute this fact she fell to wailing and howling.

La Serpiente just carried blithely on, which I suppose means she’s too old for balloons. A shame.

Destroyer howled and howled, and it was obvious they should both sleep, but it was a long and drawn out performance to get their teeth brushed and changed into their pyjamas. Destroyer howled and howled, and occasionally La Serpiente cNr out to interrupt.

Still, they both went to sleep swiftly, so I could hunker down and play some more Blood Bowl on the Xbox, finally completing the training mode, saving the world, and scoring 3 touchdowns to win the game. So that was nice.

As I’m exhausted from the day, and clearly still worn out from my travels, I’m off to bed. All day I’ve seen articles about getting a good sleep, and it’s time to put them to use.

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