Early calls and Slow Horses

Another seven a.m. meeting, another night I couldn’t sleep properly beforehand. So after I’d had the call, and realized that with my Bluetooth keyboard at the office it was painful to type on my super hot laptop, I got on my bike and rode to the office.
It was another lovely sunny day, and with the warm air around me, it’s super pleasant to ride to work. Come the winter months when it’s cold and wet and dark all the time cycling won’t be half as much fun, so I should enjoy it while I can. Riding to work on three consecutive days is a little tiring though; tomorrow I’ll be working from home even if there is loud hammering.

I haven’t read a book for a while, but I just got Slow Horses from the library. It’s good, with lots of twists so far although I’m not sure if it’s really a successor to Le Carre as it’s blurbed up to be, or just more clever than it thinks it is. Still, better that than doomscrolling while doing the laundry.

I came home, watched a documentary about the Indianapolis Colts slumping against the incredibly bad Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m not sure why I ended up caring about the Colts, poor things. But I did. I wonder if a Jaguars documentary, where they lost 13 games in their season, would be as entertaining.

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