Early flight back

Traffic in the Bay Area is ridiculously bad (does a startup exist to solve that?) so I left the office at 4:15, and got to the airport at 5, more than two hours before my flight departed. After a minor contretemps with a kiosk that wouldn’t let me check in online, a human being sorted out my ticket and I went through security. There was no line at all – the airport was almost empty – and then I realised there was a flight leaving an hour early.
I got myself wait listed for the earlier flight and luckily I got a seat, because the flight I was meant to board departed late. Instead, I had two hours sat next to a very loud engine (but with three seats to spread myself across) and then a taxi across town to get me back to my friends’ place. So that was really rather efficient.

I had omitted to eat dinner (except for a Twix at SFO and some in flight peanuts) so they plied me with booze and pizza. Alcopops have progressed in the last quarter century: now it’s alcohol in a can of seltzer, instead of a sexed-up bottle of lemonade. It has about the same effect though.

I didn’t sleep much last night, so now it’s time for bed. More excitement tomorrow, including perhaps my thoughts on the speed of airplanes.

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