Early lights out

I stayed at home today to work and keep an eye on Frogmorton, and so he spent the first part of the day howling in sadness at being on the other side of the door, and then scratching away at it. I’d go and see him as often as I could to help with his loneliness, but I could hardly let him out to ramble around the house with a great stinking hole in the bedroom floor. Tomorrow the wardrobe gets put back on top of the hole so it becomes cat proof, but for now, no go.
However, at some point Froggy scratched and pushed at the door enough to make it slide open, quite the feat for a cat, and so I need to keep a super close eye on him tomorrow. I’m away on Saturday from early, but by then the hole will be closed off and I doubt he can open doors with handles. Well, I hope he can’t.

Otherwise, progress was made with the house (baseboards are installed in the basement now) but somehow they’ve managed to do something with the electrics and now the breakers trip when you turn on lights. All the outlets work so I can still work, and I can run lamps in most rooms so I’m not in total darkness, but that was definitely one step forward and one step back. Let’s hope it’s sorted by tomorrow night so I’m not playing Blood Bowl in the dark…

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