Early morning climbing

I woke at six, in plenty of time to get to the climbing wall for 630. Unfortunately, La Serpiente woke at 5, and blundered around the house waking everyone else up, so the day was a little … difficult for everyone. This culminated in a massive weeping tantrum from Destroyer at 7 this evening when she couldn’t watch a third hour of cartoon dogs on the TV. Sigh.
Climbing went well, although I was tired and I can’t get on with the new walls very much. I managed a route I couldn’t do before, and that made me happy, and then the day of work was a relentless lack of achievement. But I think this is the quiet period for me, and it’s about to reach lift off again soon and go crazy. Until then, it’s a matter of reading Dune, playing Cyberpunk and resting easy.

I had a very fun game of Blood Bowl tonight that I would have won if I’d chosen to not foul on the last turn of the first half, or if the dice had been better in overtime. But it was a great joy to play, and that was important. Playing less matches, I’ve been more selective, but not sure if it’s been quite as fun as some times in the past. Whereas this was a match where I flirted with disaster but missed it for so much of the game. Ah, the breaks…

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