Early night

I was a floppy wreck for most of today, the after effect of a week of thinking and striving. When I left the office at 6, it was to head home for a night of fun, meeting friends who had flown in from Hong Kong for drinks at my favourite Mexican restaurant, Lucha Loco.

But whether it was the residual exhaustion from the week, or mistakenly ordering Ron’s Famous Banana (a mix of rum, mexcal, chocolate and deep fried walnuts or some such madness) by 10pm I was home and lying on my bed, waiting for the sweet release of sleep. My feet hurt, my brain hurt, I was devoid of energy. Maybe it was over use of the standing desk this week. Maybe it was trying to give up sugar. Maybe I just need to stop staying up late and then getting up early. Foolish, foolish chap that I am.

And mezcal and rum and deep fried walnuts are not half as good an idea as they sound. Hey, they sound like a bad idea to begin with – they were worse than that.

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