Early start

The girls came into our room about 4 or 5 this morning, demanding I went downstairs with them. My wife went and hid in their bed as some sort of retaliation, and I refused to get up and make breakfast, so the two little angels pulled the duvet off the bed so I was freezing cold. Undaunted, I refused to get up, so they went back to sleep and then wouldn’t get up when the morning came. Thanks, girls.
Later, I got a Lyft to work, and for a change everyone in the car had a conversation about what they were doing at the weekend. I’m off to look at prize pigs in Puyallup on Sunday when I go to the State Fair. The rest of the weekend I will be playing my banjo or Blood Bowl, hopefully.

We stayed up late watching The Boys on the TV, yet another dark superhero TV series. I wonder when superheroes will ever end. Not before I go to bed, anyway…

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