Early thoughts, late thoughts

I got up early today, in search of a new routine, and drank a cup of coffee before looking at any emails. I went down to the corner store to pick up a loaf of bread; I really should have taken a notepad with me to write down things that occurred to me, because without a recording device, I felt quite bereft.
I had a reasonably productive day, chugging through tasks and answering questions. I have a long term project I failed to do anything on, but I’m hoping tomorrow to put more effort into that.

Speaking of long term projects, today the men from the solar company came back, along with an inspector from the electrical company. So we’re getting closer and closer to having the panels turned on, and my new mortgage is being processed (saving another $200 per month, or altogether $1,000 less than what I was paying a year ago. I tried putting this into a calculator: if we carry on paying off as much as we did when the rate was much higher, we’d have it done in 17 years rather than thirty. Which would be nice, if I wasn’t also trying to figure out how to pay for the renovation. But we’ll get there, one way or another…

And now, to bed. 10950 sleeps till the mortgage is paid off!

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