Early to bed…

I have a 7am flight tomorrow so that means getting up at 430,so no sooner had I got the kids to sleep than I started to think about doing the same for myself.
This has been an eventful day-our architect came round to help us plan the renovation of our house, which now looks like it might make the thing some enormous Palace compared to what it is right now. We also had a handyman come round to point out our gutters are badly put together and the front door needs to be fixed, which was quite at the other end of the scale. Perhaps these things average out over time.

After that, work was a blur of meetings, phone calls and database queries, not the most relaxing way to prepare for a weekend of Blood Bowl. But I’m packed and good to go – a more meaningful update to follow tomorrow…

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  1. We need before and after photos. I have made up my mind never to be involved in major house renovation again but it is fun seeing other people’s/

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