Early to bed

I left work early today, after I started coughing and spluttering and wheezing to the point it distracted my coworkers. I think that was at least partly due to cycling to work in freezing cold weather, and also because I’m a bit sick. Still, I got home, did some more work, and then persuaded the girls to go to bed because it was dark. At 630.
This was a triumph of parenting as it gave me the evening back, and the kids were going wild by then so they needed sleep. And this, without having to employ the TV at all.

Sadly, I fell asleep too as it was a dark warm room and Destroyer needed extra cuddles after I told her that La Serpiente lost all her candy after efusing to sleep in her own bed. But times are hard, y’know?

And thus to bed. Well, I got in three more games of Blood Bowl too, so winner winner chicken dinner for me…

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