Early to bed

I played a game of Blood Bowl this evening and won 2-1, which was a nice change after losing so many matches lately. I almost had a draw because I scored too quickly in the second half – my old killer instinct isn’t strong enough to deny people the chance to retaliate. Maybe I need to work on being crueller. Still won though.
The kids were in bed by 7:30 this evening, because Destroyer had a tantrum when we told her she couldn’t watch TV tomorrow. She screamed for half an hour, I read La Serpiente from the Hobbit until she told me she was too scared and wanted me to stop, and then they were both asleep.

That gave us the opportunity to watch TV, play Blood Bowl and drink cider late into the evening, which was fun. La Serpiente cane into our bedroom just after midnight (twice) but kept being returned to her own bed. Perhaps she’s going to learn.

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