Early to bed and boom boom a bang bang

Today was the first day of a big conference, and it was also the day the girls had a school trip to the science museum, and it was also the day that I couldn’t sleep until 2am, and was just starting to doze on the sofa when a big rain shower blew in, and it was also the day that a massive thunderstorm exploded at 6am and woke everyone up (and then carried on raining until 9). So that was a good start.
It also could have ended badly when, leaving the conference centre today, I tripped and almost fell headfirst down an escalator. Happily, I managed to recover my footing just before my demise. I suppose I had more rerolls of my agility dice today than on Sunday when I fell off my scooter.

Other than that, little to relate. This is the third year I’ve been to this conference, in the same conference centre, and the food has got better, the content was good, and I’m very, very tired and want to sleep. I hope tomorrow will be better.

And so to bed. I’m praying the next thunderstorm is during working hours…

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