Early to bed and early to rise

I got home about 2 this morning and had four hours sleep before La Serpiente woke me up because she wanted a cuddle. Yesterday she’d lain down in the crook of my arm and gone to sleep until my hand was numb, but at least I got to sleep. Today, my daughter dragged me back to her room and made me lie on the floor so I didn’t get the rest I’d hoped for. I did fantasise about telling her she didn’t need to go to school today, but in the end I dragged myself down to the bus, deposited my child at school, and went back to bed.

Eventually I did get myself out of bed and into the office, to find I was the only member of my team who’d been out on a massive bender last night. Everyone else had either not gone drinking at all, or started at five and passed out by eight. My stamina is not always a virtue, apparently.

Being a masochist I’d organised a two hour meeting so I’d miss lunch, and also invited too many people to attend, so every twenty minutes another person would appear and then have to come back again ten minutes later, while I was feeling more and more of a buffoon. Ah, happy Fridays.

Quite how I got through today I don’t understand. Maybe it was vitamins. Or potato crisps. Or ice cream. I got home and sat for 15 minutes in our rocking chair while Destroyer climbed all over me, and then when I tried to get La Serpiente to sleep I found that Bedtime Bear’s batteries were flat and it wouldn’t sing her into slumbertime. Life is so hard.

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