Early to bed, early to rise

I woke at 5 to find both my daughters in my bed, so I retaliated by going to La Serpiente’s bed to sleep. Except of course I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and then had to get up at 7 anyway for a call with Europe at 7:30, and then spent the rest of the day blundering from meeting to meeting, om the edge of cracking up.
However, after almost a year of waiting, the solar company have come back and fixed our car charger (shame we don’t have a car right now, but them’s the breaks) and reconnected our solar panels so we can make use of the ever present sunshine. I guess that’s one way we’re saving money in this inflationary times…

The girls were out all day today playing with friends down by the Space Needle, which gave me ample time to concentrate in their absence, but as they’d been up since silly o’clock themselves this morning they were boggle eyed loons by the time bedtime came around.

I made the most of that by … doing more work and then staring at the TV. Is this the right thing?

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