Early to bed

After work tonight I came home to a freshly cleaned apartment. I had a beer, played 2 more games of Blood Bowl and fell into bed.
Or rather, I wasted a good two and a half hours playing Blood Bowl when I could have been sleeping (two losses, one 1-0 and one 3-0 when I’d given up the ghost against a much basher team) and then had a beer to commiserate with myself. Silly me.

On the positive side, I’ll soon be home with my family. I’m wasting time on Blood Bowl because there will be little opportunity to do so for the next two weeks, what with being a dutiful father and so forth. Oh, and I have to figure out what to pack for my excursion to Europe.

My wife and kids enjoyed their sojourn in Sweden, it appears. I’m trying to figure out if that was Destroyer’s first experience of snow (we threw La Serpiente in a snow bank in Breckenridge before she was six months old, but she really didn’t appreciate that) whereas Destroyer was in Singapore for her first and third birthdays, and I don’t think it snowed the orevusou year she was in London. Still, soon we will be reunited and I can take them for their traditional viewing of the Horninan Walrus.

It’s good to have some solid life goals, after all.

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