Early to rise and late to bed

After not running for several weeks, I got up at seven this morning and went out for half an hour. I wanted to combine exercise with an errand: going to get a bag of biscuits for breakfast. But my plan was somewhat stymied by Biscuit & Bean not opening until 8am, which meant I was running for longer than I wanted, and in a rush to get home for my first call of the day.
I also felt exhausted, probably because I stayed up too late last night, and so was suffering both sleep deprivation and hunger. I ran down to 55th, basically downhill all the way, wearing a bandana over my face that stank, and then jogged in circles around the streets until it was time to fetch biscuits, and a rather bitter coffee, before walking home up hill.

Not eating much, and then being in meetings all day, left me in a bad mood, so I was snappy and peevish when, after five and a half hours, I finally escaped to take the girls for their daily bike ride. At least I was aware of this and remembered to get lunch while I was out, rather than just getting in a big sulk.

The girls have been entertaining themselves by climbing up things. They can both now wedge themselves in the kitchen doorway and then climb up to the top of it. They’re inspired to do so by Aoi, a friend of La Serpiente’s who is now back in Japan, who can climb up a lamppost. I guess we’ll always need to be able to climb up things.

After that run, and a lack of sleep, I’m all worn out and sleeping on the sofa tonight. Tomorrow is the third day of getting the solar panels installed – hopefully an exciting end to the week.

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