Early to rise, early to bed

La Serpiente woke us up at 5 this morning and then asked to have the Kindle ("the green iPad" as she refers to it, disregarding branding like the good iconoclast we have raised her to be). My wife told her not to. So she asked me, and I also told her she couldn’t have it, because she shouldn’t have been waking us up at silly o’clock.
Later today she came back to get the Kindle, but as it was covered in ants she didn’t want it any more. This seems like at least one way to manage her screen time, but how to acquire enough insects? It’s a tricky question. I’m not sure where the ants are coming from, but that’s one more problem to grapple with.

We ran out of lemons because I was using them to clean the copper surfaces of our fire pit, so tonight I went to the grocery store. My father has volunteered to teach the girls chess so I drove on and bought a chess set from our local games store, one of the few games we don’t own. Apparently there’s been a run on chess sets, and not just because of the success of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, but also because people are stuck at home with the pandemic and need games to play.

Hmm. They should all be playing Blood Bowl, for shame…

Tomorrow I have a 7am dental appointment, which will be fun. So an early night for me.

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