Early to rise, late to bed

For the third week in a row, I got up early and went for a run. This time was much shorter – half an hour around Discovery Park, rather than going out to the woods. It was probably good that we did a short run, as I had no strength in my legs – a very feeble 6k around the park.

I got home, somehow survived until midday, then had a big nap.

In the afternoon, I walked the girls up to the post office and mailed the application to get custom license plates for the car. In two months we’ll discover if they were an acceptable choice or not.

Then we came home, I drank a lot of beer and wine, and fell asleep next to La Serpiente about 830. This is a wild Friday for me these days. Eventually I woke up, watched the first 45 minutes of The Hobbit for the first time in my life, and then lay drowsily on the sofa for a time. Onwards, to the next big adventure!

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