Early Valentines

There’s this (to my mind) odd tradition in the US where you give every one of your classmates a Valentine’s card. Destroyer has really leaned into this, decorating a card for every single person in her class with a picture, a little note and a unicorn, made out of a card with a rainbow coloured pencil poked through it. She finished these off today, ready for her teacher to distribute them in two weeks time.
As it was my day with the girls, we spent a bit of time trying to persuade them to concentrate on their classes, and in the afternoon, after I’d drawn narwhals and fish with Destroyer, I made a fire in the back garden and toasted marshmallows for them. They spent some of the time waiting by putting mud into a bucket and stirring it around, an obsession I’ve never shared.

This evening, we had Friday pizza as usual, then made them watch a film, Sharkboy and Lava Girl, a fairly awful concoction of dreadful CGI that nonetheless captivated them. I hope that’s not why La Serpiente came down at 1030 tonight complaining of nightmares, but who’s to say?

I played Cyberpunk for probably two hours too long, read a bit of Dune, and then it was time I slept too. Oh, and I managed 29 pull ups. I’m not sure how …

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