Easter evening

The girls go back to school tomorrow, and so we’ve spent the last minutes of tonight in vague panic, trying to locate their backpacks and reading the various instructions about where to deposit both girls tomorrow. As usual, La Serpiente has made alarming thumping noises from her bedroom before coming down to look for us. Oh boy.
It was also Easter today, so late last night I went out and distributed Hatchimals in little plastic eggs around our front yard. The girls rushed out gleefully to find them this morning, but though I put out 20, there were only 18 left. One we found smashed to pieces, some candy next to it (I can only assume the crows tried to break into it) and one is vanished without a trace (maybe now in some crow’s nest) but this was only the start of a tidal wave of sugar for the girls.

We had a birthday party to attend (outside, all masked) which meant cake and more candy, so by midday as I went out to help the homeless the girls were almost stratospheric with energy. I got home to find the house filled with the shells of plastic eggs, and somewhat subdued children probably on the downslope of their sucrose binge.

Dinner was Japanese, then the girls went swiftly to bed and I had a challenging session at the climbing wall. Don’t know if I was tired or if it’s too hard or what’s going on. What I do know is going on is I have seven and a half hours to sleep before we get up tomorrow.

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