Easy does it

Despite, or perhaps because of my lamentable diet in Taipei, subsisting on chocolate coated blueberries and rice rings filched from La Serpiente’s snackbox, I was a kilo lighter when I returned than when I set out. It’s the Singapore Athletics Masters Open this weekend, and as well as losing a bit of weight I need to compensate for failing to train for the 1500m for the last year (or at all for the 800).

Over the last three days I read Natural Born Heroes, which makes the case for getting fitter and stronger by running very slowly, or mucking about like a kid rather than doing regimented exercise. I dont completely buy into this, because when I was a kid, I used to pedal my tricycle to the end of the garden so I could read books in peace, and if you think children represent the height of coordination and functional strength, watch some toddlers bumping into each other and falling over.

However, there’s a lot to be said for not wrecking yourself with too much hard training, so I set out tonight after the girls were asleep to do a gentle hilly circuit (a contradiction in terms?) up and down Mount Faber, trying to regulate my exertion by way of my power meter.

This didn’t go entirely to plan when I sprinted down Mount Faber, full of excitement and happiness, but mostly I kept a fairly steady output, trying to avoid going over 250 watts. This was definitely at the expense of speed, but I was aiming for long slow and steady, not a record attempt. I got home, didn’t feel dreadful, sweated a bit more, returned La Serpiente to bed when she started wandering, then retired myself. It has been a long day, and I feel I need a bit more rest from Taiwan before returning to the fray.

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