Easy Monday

Destroyer was out of sorts today, having slept badly (possibly woken by her sister at 5am) so she stayed at home today, and although I’d intended to go to the office today, I stayed home as well to look after her and bang away at my keyboard. So that was a fairly productive day; I answered lots of questions, wrote a few strategy docs and even figured out a new process to identify errors more proactively, and I also got to hang out with my kid and my cat. So all good stuff there.

La Serpiente has a part in the Willy Wonka musical the school is staging, so I tried to get her to read some music with me: at least to understand how crochets are shorter than demi breves and not the other way around, that sort of thing.

Then I put the bins out, and so to bed. Coming down from the highs of the weekend, onwards to the next great adventure…

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